Friday Swipe: Ken Dryden, Wayne Gretzky and the Downfall of Boeing

These six things have caught my eyes and ears this week or thereabouts.

The Game

Ken Dryden was the goaltender of the successful Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team in the 1970s. He took time out to complete his law qualification. I’ve just read his wonderful book, The Game, which chronicles not only a thoughtful and circumspect sportsperson but the intricate sociology of the locker room.


Sticking with the National Hockey League, I’ve been grazing on videos of the great Wayne Gretzky. Given his undeniable icon status there’s obviously loads of footage of him on YouTube, but I most enjoyed this compilation of his career highlights as he starred for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St Louis Blues and New York Rangers. The man was incredible.

Rooftops of Rotterdam

A month ago today, the city of Rotterdam opened a 30-metre high and 600-metre long walkway among its rooftops. Created by architects MVRDV in collaboration with Rotterdam Rooftop Days, the bright yellow construction also creates open communal spaces in the sky, and it looks amazing.

Pieces of Pearl Jam

I’m not a Pearl Jam fan but I respect the hell out of a lot of what they do, not least the creation of gig-specific posters and t-shirts. I was delighted to discover the Instagram page of Travis Price, an illustrator who’s designed a number of them for the band of late. They are phenomenal pieces of work.

Turnstile at Glastonbury

My number one album of 2021 was Turnstile’s Glow On (my review is here). I’ve loved this band since their debut full-length album and their progress since then has been impressive. Also impressive was their performance at Glastonbury, which is available on the BBC iPlayer. I watched TLC too. I love TLC.

MAX bullshit

I’ve spent more of 2022 watching Air Crash Investigation than I’d like to admit, so it was a nice change of pace to settle in for an evening enjoying Downfall: The Case Against Boeing, a Netflix documentary that examines the conduct of the aviation colossus around the creation of the 737 MAX and its tragically fatal MCAS failure. It’s grim, but it’s a very fine film.