Friday Swipe: Borgen, York City rebrand and Visions of Utopia

These six things have caught my eyes and ears this week or thereabouts.

The Candy Men

We begin in Mumbai, where photographer Jon Enoch captured this wonderful series of portraits. Candy floss is a coastal treat in India’s largest city and is sold by the men in Enoch’s portraits. The result is a series in which the blues and browns of the city at night are pierced by irrepressible pops of pink.

New Nyborg

Borgen is very near the top of my favourite television series, so a Netflix limited series to round off the story of Birgitte Nyborg in Denmark’s corridors of power was warmly received. Focused on the former Prime Minister’s navigation of rather serious matters in Greenland, Borgen: Power & Glory is a bleaker instalment but no less excellent.

Visions of Utopia

Iceland-based Serena Dzenis is a “lens-based artist” on a mission. If your brain is conjuring up pictures of Reykjavík or freezing seas you’ll be surprised by her compositions, which feature industrial buildings and water towers against otherworldly pastel skies. Dzenis’s focus is the change we’ve effected on earth. Where will we artificially alter next?

York City centenary

Newly promoted Vanarama National League side York City – and they won’t thank me for referring to that as an achievement, such was the drop that left them below it in the first place – hit their hundredth birthday in the 2022/23 football season. They enlisted Christopher Payne to create a brand, badge and kit for the occasion. He did a tremendous job.

York City FC / Christopher Payne

Dave Bischoff

A Small Town is an ongoing series of photography by Dave Bischoff, whose somewhat run-down black and white images of small-town America highlight the passage of time by showing the various costs of progress. These “back roads and forgotten spaces” have lived a life, that’s for sure.

Karen Keough

Artsy Shark recently featured the work of artist Karen Keough, whose delicate watercolours often focus on a kind of waterfront landscapes that I always enjoy. Keough’s scenes, which feature the north-east of the USA, are nevertheless both timeless and placeless. The piece also features several of her floral works.