Friday Swipe: Historic England, American road trips and football programmes

These six things have caught my eyes and ears this week or thereabouts.

“I love my cool son.”

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a terrifying illness. For all the ethical questions about treating it in such a way, the news that a brain implant allowed a completely paralysed ALS sufferer to communicate via neural signals – the power of thought – is noteworthy. It’s no easy process, so it makes sense that he prioritised his family and his love of progressive metal legends Tool.

England from the air

Historic England’s aerial photo explorer features more than 400,000 aerial images of England through history, searchable by location. It’s a decent time drain and a nifty tool for the historically curious. While some localities are better populated than others, there’s plenty to explore. Here’s the Warwickshire village of Southam in 1930.

Historic England

Icons of Americana

English artist Imogen Hawgood’s work features the sights of the great American road trip, putting it squarely in my own wheelhouse of interests. These are the kind of visions I like to see of places I don’t intend to visit, and Hawgood’s oil paintings capture them beautifully – perfect for those of us fascinated by the cultural idea of the United States of America.

Football programmes by 1 Shilling

As a football programme editor, I’ve been enjoying the Instagram profile of Matthew Caldwell, designer and football programme collector, for some time. His book 1 Shilling: The Football Programme Design Revolution of 1965-85 is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter and to say it’ll be a worthwhile project would be an understatement.

Matthew Caldwell

Football at the Design Museum

Sticking with Creative Boom and design in football, I hope to visit the Design Museum’s exhibition Football: Designing the Beautiful Game at some point between now and the end of its run in August. It boasts more than 500 exhibits related to football from a design perspective, which ticks more boxes for me than I’d care to admit.

Top Corner Stamps

One more from Creative Boom and football? Why not. Top Corner Stamps, by Falmouth University graphic design students Flynn Baynes and Ollie Parker, “capture[s] some of football’s greatest moments in miniature” – sign me up. In the year the World Cup finally disgraces itself once and for all, these highlights from its history are a welcome reminder.