Friday Swipe: E-L-R, printed drinks and The Council House

These six things have caught my eyes and ears this week or thereabouts.

The Council House

One of my favourite new follows on Instagram is The Council House, which features the photography of Jack Young. His subject is, of course, the council house – blocks of flats in London, to be precise – and his work is featured in a carbon-neutral 208-page hardback book from Hoxton Mini Press.


The way to my photographic heart is very simple: take a series of candid shots of city streets at night, littered with buzzing humanity and punctuated by bright artificial light. Do that and you won’t go far wrong, so the Hong Kong street photography of Leo H. Li is right up my, er, street.

Leo H. Li


This beautiful work from California-based photographer Catherine Canac-Marquis “pursues the tension between the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental threat clean energy initiatives can pose to the lands on which they are built.” The result is a series of images lit by the sun but indicative of the need for a balanced future.


On Silent In Flames, my Instagram account for bite-sized alternative music reviews, I recently reviewed Vexier, the second album by Swiss doomgaze band E-L-R. If you like intense, atmospheric, progressive and heavy music, it’s certainly worth your time. The opening song, ‘Opiate The Sun’, will tell you whether or not it’s for you.

Visual_dreamz x 36 Days of Type

While enjoying another year of 36 Days of Type submissions by my former colleague Paul Rider, I had a root around for some other artists doing the same. I’ve seen a lot that I’ve liked, but my favourite is the smoky digital graphic design series created by Ben Jones. It suits my taste perfectly – more importantly, it works supremely well as a set.

Printed beverages

Finally, as a man who will always try an aggressively sugary and unusually flavoured soft drink over a more sophisticated alternative, I noted with interest the creation of the molecular beverage printer. Most drinks are primarily water, a principle used for post mix and SodaStream forever. Cana’s machine reduces waste and opens up vast flavour options. I’d try it.