Friday Swipe: storms, music photography and armoured truck robberies

These six things have caught my eyes and ears this week or thereabouts.

Nature Photographer of the Year winners

Via Fubiz, the Nature Photographer of the Year winners for 2021 provide as striking a collection as one might expect. The quality is sky high, obviously, but Denis Kodkov’s Dragon’s Lair, Gheorge Popa’s Ice Cell and Rupert Kogler’s Heat of Hoar capture nature without focusing on animals, with spectacular results.


I’ve been working my way through audiochuck’s Armored, a podcast about armoured truck robberies. I have limited tolerance for true crime podcasts but I do love some nice, tight storytelling about crimes off the beaten path. Disgraceland creator Jake Brennan does a fine job of bringing Delia D’Ambra’s concept to life.

Storms in black and white

The awesome destructive power of nature is all too evident after a storm but it’s quite the vision in progress too. Mitch Dobrowner’s beautiful series of black and white stormchaser shots shows the wild weather events he photographed in rural environments, where the open spaces allow the storms to take their full visual form.

The Dispash newsletter

My good friend Gary Andrews is always worth listening to when he has something to say about anything to do with marketing and content, and he plans to have something to say more regularly. You can now subscribe to The Dispash, his newsletter, and I can recommend the first issue about Coinbase’s Super Bowl ad.


Like Tina Roth Eisenberg, my desire to visit Times Square (and indeed New York City) is minuscule. But Krista Kim’s digital colour gradient washing over ninety billboards, “creating a moment of calm amidst one of the most visually kinetic places in the world”? That is absolutely something I’d like to see.

Sam Lees

If pushed to name a favourite photographer, Sam Lees would be the name I came up with. He’s a photojournalist and has shot in some of the world’s most volatile protests of recent years, but it’s his consistently phenomenal work with the best bands in Britain (most notably Palm Reader and Employed To Serve) that I love the most. Check out his Instagram.