Friday Swipe: Enduring Light, more Landscapers and the origins of lightning

These six things have caught my eyes and ears this week or thereabouts.

Enduring Light

Copenhagen Contemporary has been home to an exhibition featuring the work of light and space artists since late last year. As much as I’d like to be there and see it myself – if I’m honest, there aren’t many times I wouldn’t like to be in Copenhagen – even the photographs of pieces by Lita Albequerque, Robert Irwin, Jeppe Hein and others are plenty striking.

Nighttime Nostalgia

Booooooom brought to my attention the illustration of Nicholas Moegly and I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for his style. Nighttime Nostalgia visits small-town Americana through gorgeous use of dominant colours and bursts of yellow light that shine life into Moegly’s haunting scenes.

Nicholas Moegly

Where lightning comes from

While I can’t claim to stay awake at night pondering the universe and our atmosphere’s biggest questions, there’s undeniably a fascinating unknown behind something we experience regularly on earth. Using a network of radio telescopes under the skies of the Netherlands, scientists have mapped the generation of lightning.

Matt Willey x Landscapers

Hot on the heels of the series itself, the design work that appeared in and around Landscapers has enjoyed some attention of its own. Indeed, Matt Willey’s quirky typography and animation thereof was, for me, as much of a character as those played by Olivia Colman and David Thewlis – not to mention a perfect stylistic fit for the story as told on screen.

Restored photos of Italy

Last summer, my friend and HUNDRED Football colleague Jeff Livingstone acquired a box of negatives. Since then, he’s been restoring his new photographs of Italy in the 1950s and 1960s with a good deal of success, bringing back to life the humanity in what must have been a remarkable collection.

Jeff Livingstone

By The Roadside

Photo artist and poet Michael Nguyen will soon exhibit his summer photographs of a road trip through Germany, Austria and Italy. By The Roadside captures the sights of an unplanned walk. These shots are carefully selected, beautifully framed and full of character, without ever displaying anything out of the ordinary.