Why start a blog in 2022?

Starting a new blog on New Year’s Day in 2022, in my thirties, is a strange choice that warrants some explanation. So, by way of an introductory post, here are my reasons for grabbing the most basic WordPress template I could find and returning to a bygone bandwagon.

Let’s start with the practical. I own the domain name. Since I’m no longer self-employed, it’s just been sitting here gathering cyberdust – I’ve taken a risk by making up that word and will undoubtedly soon discover that it means something illegal – and earning money for the hosting company.

So why not? I can publish podcasts elsewhere and my desire to appear in any form of video content is less than zero; what else am I going to put here?

Really, though, I’m giving myself a reason to write, and to write often. Fond though I am of my job, it doesn’t call for as much writing as the ones before it. I want somewhere to keep those muscles active now they’re of limited professional use, and for that same somewhere to be a home for one or two pieces I’ve had in mind for a long time.

This blog will be used for those essays as well as thoughts and commentary and curation on as wide a range of subjects as I can muster. Almost all of my writing for the last few years has been in the form of football articles and music reviews. This is where I can write longer and shorter, bigger and broader, safe in the knowledge that barely anyone reads these things nowadays.

I’ve never stopped writing. Having first kept a blog in 2005, I’ve narrowed my focus to niches and indeed shied away from the word ‘blog’ in the erroneous belief that it cheapened and demeaned my work. That was arrogant and I’m sorry. Blogging, I embrace thee anew.

These clean, white pages are neither a journal nor an online publication, but the fresh scrapbook of an old blogger who became a writer. I’m going back to my roots in an effort to find my routine and my rhythm, even if the community that made it so enjoyable seventeen years ago has long since dissipated.